We asked Cambridge students how they would want their parents talk with them about difficult subjects – like alcohol and drug use. Here’s what they said:

  • Have regular conversations with me about things like school, sports, or my friends to help build my trust in you. If the first time we talk is the BIG talk about drugs/alcohol, I probably won’t open up.
  • Treat me with respect.
  • Don’t make assumptions about what I am/am not doing.
  • Don’t just talk ‘at’ me, talk with me.
  • A good time to talk is in the car or after a particular news piece.
  • Remind me you love me.
  • If I make a mistake, don’t just yell at me. If I break curfew or do something you don’t approve of, have a serious conversation a few hours after the event (like the morning after), but tell me that we will be talking more about this.

Find more ways to connect with your kids through the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.