A social norms approach is an evidence-based approach (based on formative research) and is used to address issues by changing people’s perceptions and countering misconceptions. Cambridge Prevention Coalition aims to change social norms around drug and alcohol use in the community. To this end, environmental strategies are used for social norms marketing to address these issues affecting the community; i.e., addressing misconceptions around substance use and abuse among teens and tweens. These environmental strategies often include education, communication, collaboration, policy implementation, and enforcement.

See below previous Reality Check’s social norms marketing ads used in the form of posters, postcards, web banners, bus shelter and subway ads.

Social Norms Campaign - RC_webheader (2011)

Social Norms Campaign - RC_BusstopAds_1303_38.4x47 (2012)Social Norms Campaign - RC_Postcards_1109_8.5x5 (2013) Social Norms Campaign - RC_Postcards (2012) Social Norms Campaign - RC_Postcard_8 (2013)